It’s Time to Paint!

I’m taking another art class at the Guelph School of Art – Open Studio with Jessica Masters – and it’s fantastic. Jessica and I have been talking a lot about colour. All facets of the topic:

  • Using temperature to play with depth
  • Colour mixing basics (I need this!)
  • Ways to bring a painting past the 95% mark: using unifying colours, punching up  contrast, and using warm and cool colours to enhance adjacent colours

Here is an in-process shot of what I’ve been working on:

Robins painting in process
Robins (2015), acrylic on canvas, 14 x 11″


Flowing Ink, Chicory and Gesso

Last night was the first class of From Drawing To Painting with Grazyna Adamska-Jarecka at the Guelph School of Art.

It felt good to be in the presence of Grazyna. Creativity and understanding of art is radiating from her, in her words as she led the class, and in the art work that she chose to show us at the start of the evening.

We started off using black ink, gesso and a brown mid-tone made from chicory on paper. I stayed in the medium for the first drawing which I posted here. For the next few drawings I resorted to drawing from memory rather than the apple that Grazyna brought in. Needless to say, the apple and the light shining off it and giving it shape and colour was more inspiring than my memory.