Rabbits and Dancing Bears

Here are four drawings that I did today.

These friendly forest creatures were fun to draw – I think it’s in their nature. But also, these guys have been a part of my mother’s house for years and so they really remind me of home and it’s nice to meditate on their form, line and character.

Owl in Black Ink

Last night I did some exploratory drawings of a barred owl, using pencil and black ink applied by brush.

At first glance, the shape of the owl is very simple. So simple, that it’s a bit of a challenge to get it down.

When I look at the details, there is so much complexity in the feathers and the branches and leaves behind the bird. That part was really fun: choosing and playing with the black marks that slowly begin to give the drawing it’s character.

Here are my first couple charcoal sketches (photos were taken today in the sun – clearly!):




Some quick searching ink drawings:





In one of my last drawings of the evening I did a pencil sketch under the ink to block in the shapes and composition.


Flowing Ink, Chicory and Gesso

Last night was the first class of From Drawing To Painting with Grazyna Adamska-Jarecka at the Guelph School of Art.

It felt good to be in the presence of Grazyna. Creativity and understanding of art is radiating from her, in her words as she led the class, and in the art work that she chose to show us at the start of the evening.

We started off using black ink, gesso and a brown mid-tone made from chicory on paper. I stayed in the medium for the first drawing which I posted here. For the next few drawings I resorted to drawing from memory rather than the apple that Grazyna brought in. Needless to say, the apple and the light shining off it and giving it shape and colour was more inspiring than my memory.